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"Pointed Heart"
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April 11th, 2018


The Fellowship started originally because we had two chapters that wanted to have an excuse to camp together at Ragnarok. Both K'lar and Pointed Heart originated in Sirilay's World of Pahmoten fiction, and those two things were enough. Over time, we found her members had it in their hearts to improve Dagorhir through bonds of friendship and family among fighters, non-coms, chapters, and units far and wide. The members had seen enough to know common sense, good food, and stories could solve most disagreements that would ever arise. They all greatly valued roleplay and individuals' strength, wherever they may lie. Out of these intentions come camps filled with laughter and bright memories, and events that are both fun and challenging.

A fellowship is not an official term in Dagorhir. For us, it is simply a grouping of chapters and individuals living removed from said chapters, and we so happen to have a specific set of laws governing our organization and conduct to best promote our mission statement. Each chapter still functions as an individual entity.

Banner & Motto

Just like the heraldry of England in the middle ages, the world of Pahmoten has its own symbols, colors, placements, etc. that represent different aspects of whatever institution is being represented. In the Fellowship's coat of arms, the pine (pine green) in our banner stands for age, like the aging pines, and spring (light green) is for youth, or the early stages of life. The rose color is specific, though; in addition to the heraldric meaning of loyalty, it stands for the blood we are willing to shed, the sacrifice we are willing to make to keep the Fellowship alive and true. The sun's meaning is also specific, as strength.

Typically when made out of cloth and displayed in a banner, tabard, or belt flag, the back of is black. Whenever our banner marches to war, those behind see only darkness, but know that once our colors reappear, we will have prevailed.

The motto "Trust in our brothers, faith in the heavens" pertains to the purpose of the Fellowship. Whatever we do, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, if our efforts fall short, we look for help from the members of the Fellowship ('brothers' being a reflection of the patriarchal tendencies of the world of Pahmoten); that is, the trust built from past experience. If the Fellowship fails, we have to leave it up to fate. We put faith in every other factor that ties into the situation--be it a deity or a nonspecific force/presence--regardless of whether we've actually seen it work in our favor.

Hosted Events

SPOoners - Saturday evening, after Mittelmarch WAR (mid-October to early November)
an evening of Fellowship, food, and of course, drinks (both alcoholic and non)
Here There Be Dragons
"Pointed Heart" - mid-October
fighting event with dragon involvement, woods battle, and revel afterward

Recorded History