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November 1st, 2017

Just like any culture, Pahmoten has its customs. Below you'll find a dictionary that explains many of the habits you'll find when you camp with or encounter us. Should you observe any more and wish them added or explained, feel free to contact the webmaster.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah - expression, desginating a call to attention, all Pahmoteners within earshot should join by saying "Aaaaah" until everyone is saying it, then the coordinated note will die out and the originator will make an announcement

bag of soup - noun, an object in great excess

Grab a plate, you're ugly. - expression, one of Pahmoten's taglines, reflecting our love to serve people food, and how sarcastic we are with friends.

Hit him in the Gwaeren - expression, to hit someone in an area of their body or being where it will hurt the most

mer - expression, 1) substitute for Terran curse words, 2) used in place of any non explicative word, depending on the speaker's preference; sound, often used to simulate animal noises; prefix (mer-), makes root word belong to Mer language

Point to the First Aid kit - expression, subject of the phrase should consider that the requesting party thinks they're about to do something potentially dangerous and has little value

porch cookie - explicative, noun, a mild curse

shark bag - explicative, noun, an extremely derogatory curse

swimmer's knee - noun, medical condition referring the severe wear on knees and the knee area of the pants when a fighter has crawled through the water sections on a battlefield for too long