Updated July 15th, 2015
Established July 9th, 2007

Fellowship Chapters & Companies

"Pointed Heart"
Rockford, IL

(contact Fincalian)
Indianapolis, IN

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Laws of Pahmoten

Welcome, friends and allies and strays, to Pahmoten. We are a fellowship of Dagorhir dedicated to swelling its ranks with members of quality and character. While a Fellowship is no official term for any foam fighting group, for us, it is an alliance of like-minded chapters and individuals who promote good food and tales, hospitality, service, and putting your best foot forward. If you wish to join either as an individual or a chapter, please visit the About the Fellowship page with any questions. And of course, if not answered there, direct them to our webmaster.

Pahmoten webspace hosts the
Rangers of the Ilanese