Updated April 11th, 2018
Established July 9th, 2007

Fellowship Chapters & Companies

"Pointed Heart"
Rockford, IL

(contact Fincalian)
Indianapolis, IN

About the Fellowship
The following have been moved to the Pahmoten Wiki:
War Room

Welcome, friends and allies and strays, to Pahmoten. We are a fellowship of Dagorhir dedicated to swelling its ranks with members of quality and character. While a Fellowship is no official term for any foam fighting group, for us, it is an alliance of like-minded chapters and individuals who promote good food and tales, hospitality, service, and putting your best foot forward. If you wish to join either as an individual or a chapter, please visit the About the Fellowship page with any questions. And of course, if not answered there, direct them to our webmaster.

UPDATE: The Fellowship has voted to move to an open source type of web presence and will be using the Pahmoten Wiki for all our information going forward. Bit by bit, the informational pages here will be taken down--please be sure to update your bookmarks if they have been made.

Pahmoten webspace hosts the
Rangers of the Ilanese