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October 27th, 2015

Over time, our brethren have moved away from the centers of Pahmoten activity, or have yet to start a chapter for the Fellowship. However, many of them stay active enough to have a firm grasp on Dagorhir and its rules, and so the Fellowship provides them with ways to stay involved as a full active member. That is the way of the Loyal. They may choose to be a Loyal of a chapter, or of the Fellowship overall (the responsibilities and privileges do not change, only the way in which they must stay active).

For details on becoming a Loyal of Pahmoten, please read through the Laws of Pahmoten

In Memoriam
Kalronn Sauturus

Late on October 24th, 2009, a dear friend and Loyal of Pahmoten Kalronn Sauturus was killed in a collision with a car while riding his motorcycle. As always when the young die are taken from us too early, there are no words to describe the pain we felt in his passing, nor to relay the full extent of the joy, comfort, and inspiration he brought to hundreds of lives. In his honor, Pahmoten renamed the Champion's Braid as the Sauturan Braid, and carved his personal symbol into the Pahmoten Relic.

Rest well, my friend, my brother


Morgaine died due to injuries related to a vehicular accident in Madison WI on June 19th, 2015, when a drunk driver's car struck her in the crosswalk. Always quick with a witty comment, smile, and laugh, she was a friend to many Pahmoteners. She had a passion for the fibre arts and knowledge that will be sorely missed.

Fink Bohica

Our jolly timelord pirate Fink stumbled into the medic's field tent at Ragnarok XXX, complaining of painful legs and lightheadedness. He slumped into a chair, where he went into cardiac arrest and wasn't able to be revived. He started his last great adventure on June 22nd, 2015, with memories of his undeniable joy and selfless work ethic forever in our hearts. A T.A.R.D.I.S. is burned into the Pahmoten Relic in his memory.

Kingdom of Elzwayr, Puerto Rico

Lenwé Telrúnya
Durham NC
First Champion of Pahmoten

Al'yori (Ali)
SPOoners, Indianapolis IN
Half Nure-onna, Half human


picture to come
Mers, Shark clan, Southern IL
picture to come
Zero of Eryndor
picture to come
SPOoners, Indianapolis IN
picture to come
SPOoners, Indianapolis IN
picture to come
Sulith Li
SPOoners, Urbana IL
picture to come
Adrius Stone
Defenders, Fort Wayne IN
picture to come
between the Northwoods edge and Pointed Heart territory
picture to come
Brogan Stoneskull Kegstander
Kingdom of Jerusalem, Appleton WI
picture to come
Kingdom of Jerusalem, Appleton WI