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October 27th, 2015

The six months until this point as been an eye-opener for me, in many regards. I've learned and heard a lot of things that I never expected, in reassuring ways and those that aren't.

The most important thing is that Pahmoten isn't perfect. While we don't have as much drama as many of the other camps, units, chapters around us, we certainly aren't 100% free of it. It's best avoided as the parties involved addressing it with one another in a mature manner. If a resolution seems impossible, they should bring in an impartial third party to help. Issues that affect the entire Fellowship, or affect a large enough group of the population should be addressed in a formal manner, making sure everyone's aware, in maybe a FB message, or personal meeting, or a Google Hangouts session.

It's also evident that everyone's not going to get along with everyone. The best plan is to find a tolerable level for annoyances, or better yet, to question why it is that someone annoys you. What's the honest, core problem that they cause for you? If the behavior is dangerous to the atmosphere, then addressing it per the advice above would be the best option. It may be just the personality that you're not in favor of, and that's fine. Everyone has quirks that we can't tolerate. For example, despite the fact that chewing and talking with food in your mouth are poor manners (and yes, it still is even if you cover your mouth with your hand), eating noises and some actions are one of my biggest pet peeves. I try to alleviate the stress by eating out of doors to have ambience distract me, extraneous noise like crowds or TV, or distance myself from whomever is chewing. Obviously this can't be done for every trait. Hopefully it gives you an idea on what to do.

Before criticizing anyone, whether aloud or in your head, turn that same criticism on yourself first. Not only will it open your eyes to your own habits, but humble your attitude when/if you unleash that criticism outward.

I maintain that even when I get older, I intend never to grow up. A bit of childishness goes a long way, when considering how much energy you have left, when deciding on what someone wrote or said was hurtful, when debating whether a slightly crazy move on the field is within your capabilities, when taking a chance whose results lie at either end of the great/terrible spectrum. If you can't laugh at yourself, then you're never going to get far in life. That being said, there are times that call for maturity, for giving respect where it's due, for disregarding who gets the credit and completing the mission. Finding the balance will give you a long, healthy, happy life.

That's as good of a message as I could ever give. Going forward, I'd like to see Pahmoten grow with new blood, with a more permanent Ragnarok camp with personality, with a better national reputation of hospitality, commitment, and solidarity. The recent split has affected us, no doubt. Like many blunders in history, though, I intend for us not to be defined by it.

Yours in service,
Sirilay of Pahmoten