Haven's Keeper

  • Goes by: Sirilay, Elf, Elfie, Chewbeca, anything but Becky
  • Education: Lawrence University, Class of '06, BA in Computer Science/Math
  • Books/Literature: LotR, Dragonlance, Sword of Truth, Rhapsody series, Redwall, Shannara, Dan Brown, Shakespeare, Joyce, and Woolfe
  • Music: Widely varied, low on the rap & pop. Prefers country & folk/celtic. Will give anything a listen once.
  • Other hobbies: Writing, running, the whole outdoors scene, Dagorhir, SCA, tabletop & PC gaming, photography, Mariner and Sea Scouting, world languages, religions, & cultures
  • Current Employment: looking
  • Current projects:
    • Submitting The Calm of Twilight to literary agents
    • Writing articles for Incidental Padding
    • Updating & maintaining Dagorhir and scout websites

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