If you're here, then you're looking for something. Maybe a poem, or a story, or help on a project. Or maybe even some photography, a small computer algorithm/program, or advice.

As I am still freelance (aka doing it for free in order to build up a resume), shoot me an email with some details, and I'll see what I can do. Free of charge, though donations are gratefully accepted.

Nikon N55 SLR camera, 28-80mm zoom
Canon EOS RebelG SLR camera, 70-300mm & 35-80mm zooms
Nikon CoolPix L19, 8 megapixels

Please visit my Writings section for samples.

Computer Science
C++: 3 years (MS VB Studio)
Java: 1 year (JBuilder 9)
HTML: 11 years (FrontPage, Angelfire HTML editor)
Senior projects in computer graphics (OpenGL) and text-based games

Comments, Concerns, Questions