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    Official Bay Jammer Website - For those unfortunate souls who have not been to Bay Jammer, here is the website. Bay Jammer is near 60 year old competition for high school aged scouts (coed) with events such as Drill, Compass, Marlin Spike, Canoeing, Lip Jam, Obstacle Course, Parade, and many many more. Especially with the Juliette Low ceremony on Saturday night, it is by far the highlight of my entire summer, possibly the entire year.

    Official Snowstorm Website - Another scout competition, hosted with the help of Rock River Valley Council and Ship 361. Always the Saturday of Martin Luther King Day.

    Dagorhir - Dagorhir is the reenactment of medieval combat with foam weaponry. If you want layman's terms-beating the snot out of someone with a foam weapon. There are role playing elements involved as well, and a week long convention in Ohio annually where all you do is fight, socialize, and participate in some unbelieveable traditions. It has my highest recommendation.

    Dagorhir Fellowship of Pahmoten - A coalition of Dagorhirrim and Dagorhir realms intent on spreading delicious food, excellent fellowship, and general courtesy throughout our Great Game.

    361 Homepage - Mariner and Sea Scout Ships home, my family, my everything. Without these girls, past and present, I would be next to nothing compared to what I am today...which really isn't much, but regardless! I love them with all my heart. Running the webpage is the least I could do for all they've given me.

    Eddie Izzard's Site - Eddie Izzard, quite possibly the funniest man alive. If you ever get a chance to see his comedy or rent a work of his, do it!

    Rascal Flatts Website - THE best country band there is. Yes, I would even put them above Keith Urban, though not by much. - Keith Urban's homepage. You should visit because 1)he's hott, 2) he plays great country music, and 3) he's hott. Need any more reasons? Ask my sister.

    Criminal Minds Fanatics - Website dedicated to fan(atics) of CBS' Criminal Minds that digs into the minds of criminals through the FBI's BAU team. Complete with cast, crew, and staff chats, message board, and blogs.

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