Unit hopefuls

Hopefuls are members of the unit still working toward self-realization that makes them a ranger. As often as they can, hopefuls will wear their earth pendant:
A hopeful's earth pendant
  • white braid: darkens with sweat and dirt as the hopeful progresses
  • outer circle: the cyclical tendency of nature
  • metal of the circle: partially reflective like a mirror, symbolizing introspection, but not enough for a clear picture, symbolizing the search for constant betterment
  • copper wire: fire
  • silver string on the inside: the thread that binds mortals together
  • green floss: the four elements
  • spring thread: the four pillars that the Rangers demonstrate (integrity, perseverance, awareness, reflection)

How does someone become a hopeful?

What is expected from hopefuls?

What happens if the earth pendant starts to fall apart? When does a hopeful become a ranger?