Unit rangers

Rangers are members of the unit who have come into a great realization of what and who they are. Once a hopeful becomes a ranger, they are no longer allowed to renew their earth pendant.

A ranger's Pledge
  • titanium rings: perseverance
  • modified trizantine weave: co-existance of ranger & world
  • aluminum ring: completeness for which all rangers strive
  • gold & green: unit colors, to remind a ranger what started their journey; for the part of the wolf that walks with a pack
  • gold colored device (i.e. the maple leaf): personal representation of the ranger, for the part of the wolf that walks alone
  • How does a hopeful become a ranger?

    If a hopeful decides when they become a ranger, what stops anyone from saying "I'm a ranger now!" two seconds into their hopeful pledge?

    What is expected of a ranger?

    Name Chapter/Unit Location Contact Designations
    Frothgar Taurendor/Rogin New Jersey ryangerbehy@yahoo.com First ranger

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