Where exists the ability to act rightly exists the responsibility to do so.

We are a non-geographical Dagorhir unit dedicated to, above all, embodying the lifestyle and spirit of a ranger, and secondly serving our fellow Dagorhirrim with fervor and humility. If you are looking for glory, easy targets, or reward other than a kind gesture or well-told story, I suggest you continue on your way. Otherwise, stay and sate your curiosity.

Together, we are called Rangers of the Ilanese, but we individually call ourselves hopefuls or rangers. Our charge is responsibility and survival--not separate, but as one. It pushes us to be masters and servants of our domain. Power with measure, self-dependence and charity. That is what each of our members seek, and what each member helps their brethren attain; we do not expect the newly joined to already have these skills and mindsets, otherwise we would immediately be rangers, not the hopefuls we begin as.

What exactly do I mean by responsibility? Action; lack of inaction in the presence of injustice or wrong; acceptance that we decide and determine a larger part of our fate than mortals typically acknowledge. We are interested in not only improving Dagorhir, but the modern world. We see defeat in battle as a need to reexamine tactics and abilities, not proof that the other side is more skilled. Slipping on ice outside of a bank does not mean we sue the bank, but remember to pay attention to our surroundings. Why would we pass a piece of offensive garbage on the street when we can as easily as breathing stoop to pick it up and put it in its proper place? The examples are endless.

The Rangers hold high what we call the four pillars, because of their importance in the development of responsibility:

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